Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Usher Talks Justin Bieber's Peen

Usher recently appeared on the Howard Stern show, where he was asked about his protege Justin Bieber's naked pictures hitting the Internet. Here's what he had to say, as reprinted by E! News:

"He does have a brain of his own. He listen he has a mind of his own. What he chose to do with his penis is his prerogative you know what I'm saying. He's managing that aspect of his life. I have nothing to do with Justin Bieber's private parts."

On whether or not the Biebs listens to Usher anymore:
"I mean as a mentor, as he's has accepted my opinion, I can give my perspective. He's like a child to me so I don't necessarily feel like his business. I feel like I'm talking to someone who has had hardships. Like, if your child ever has difficulties...anyone listening understands that nobody's perfect. You're going to have moments and when he does I can only show him the reality of what it is that has happened."


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