Monday, August 22, 2016

Kardashian Korner

Page Six reports that Rob Kardashian's future baby mama, former stripper and current THOT Blac Chyna, 28, has revealed that she plans on ballooning up to 200 pounds with her pregnancy. The 5'2' Chyna reveals that her starting weight before the pregnancy was 135, and she already weighs 183lbs. Here's more on her weight from the lady herself:

“So I weighed in I’m 183lbs, and loving it! So far I gained 48lbs. My goal weight after the baby will be 130lbs — I was 135lbs b4 the baby. I truly believe I will be 200lbs when I delivery [sic] that’s 17lbs away. So imma need to lose 70lbs basically to be at my goal weight 130 lbs. Strict diet / waist training / Detox Tea / Working out.”

Looks like she's well on her way; she and Rob spend $13,000 on food delivery last month alone!


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