Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - The Sniffer

This pop star sniffed that she never liked her musician friend’s ex-girlfriend and that she encouraged him to break up with her.

Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Here is some of the feedback we got from people close to the situation:

"She knows damn well that he could not have broken up with her (even if he wanted to) because the relationship was contractual!"

That’s not all.

"She just hates other women. [The musician’s ex-girlfriend] never did anything to her but she wanted to tear her down anyway. That’s why she has no female friends. If you ever see a female hanging out with her, guarantee it’s someone whose paycheck she signs."

Finally, there’s her compulsion to publicly comment on other people’s relationships.

"She should keep her mouth shut about who other people are dating. She wouldn’t like it if people knew the real story of her and [her ex]. If someone went to the media with all the real information about her relationship and all the cheating and the STDs and the abortions, she’d be curled up in a corner, crying, cutting herself, and drinking herself into a coma."

We don’t think The Sniffer would be cool with that.

Pop Star:

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Source: Blind Gossip


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