Thursday, August 18, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Psychobabble and a Paper Bag

Some people who get plastic surgery like to keep it to themselves. Nothing wrong with that.

However, when their looks have changed dramatically, it’s crazy to think that no will notice or that no one will comment.

When a celebrity not lies about having work done… then doubles down on the lie… and then acts indignant when multiple parties call her out on it… and then attacks the press… and then starts babbling more nonsense…. the people around her are going to start worrying.

"It’s not good. An interviewer asks a simple question about her appearance, she gets mad, goes off on some incoherent rant that’s part defensive and part psychobabble.

Yeah, we’re a little panicky at this point. You can modify a poster or CGI a film, but what are we supposed to do for personal interviews, put a bag over her freaking head?

She’s losing it, but we still have a big part of the press tour to go and we can’t have her fighting with the media. If it gets worse, we might have to have her fake an illness or something and let [the actors in the film] carry the tour."


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