Monday, August 22, 2016

Blind Gossip Blind Item - Please Feel Sorry For Me

This celebrity is not above dragging in some poor innocent people to make herself look better.

Our actress is very tired of the comments and attacks on her obviously altered face. She is feeling defensive, and unfortunately for her, it shows in interviews.

"Her team wants [The Actress] her to continue the promotional tour for [the project], so they can’t do the faux illness. Instead, they dragged up the story and the family of some guy she dated last century to try to make her the object of sympathy rather than criticism.

The truth is that she hasn’t had any contact with the family in at least ten years. This is all about her trying to make [the Actress] look like a sympathetic figure. The family doesn’t even realize they’re being used."

So it sounds like instead having her fake an illness (so you’ll feel sorry for her and stop criticizing her), her team will now have her fake grieving (so you’ll feel sorry for her and stop criticizing her).

Two different approaches aiming for the same result.


Source: Blind Gossip


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